Do You Remember? By Freida McFadden

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Do You Remember?: A gripping psychological thriller By Freida McFadden


Book/Novel Author: Freida McFadden

Book/Novel Title: Do You Remember?



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Tess Strebel can’t recognize her own face.She can’t recognize her home. Her bedroom is unfamiliar. And she can’t remember the handsome stranger lying next to her in bed. A stranger who claims he’s her husband.Tess reads a letter in her own handwriting, composed during a rare lucid day, explaining her life as it now exists: She was in a terrible car accident one year ago. Every morning, she wakes up unable to remember most of the last decade. Including her own wedding.Tess has no choice but to accept her new life and hope her memory will return. After all, why should she doubt the letter she wrote to herself? Or the kind man from the wedding photos on her dresser who seems to genuinely care about her well-being?And then Tess receives a text message on her phone. One that changes everything:”Don’t trust the man who calls himself your husband.”What Amazon readers are saying about the new unputdownable psychological thriller, Do You Remember?, by bestselling author Freida McFadden, inspired by 50 First Dates and Groundhog Day:“Read this in one snowy day, couldn’t stop! Freida McFadden is one of my favorites!!”“Do You Remember grabs your attention and doesn’t let go!!!”“This book hooked me so fast. And I’ve never rooted so hard for a character before ever! What a creative and suspenseful story.”“Another awesome book!!! Love the plot twists that keep you guessing and wondering all the way through. A MUST READ!”“I am a working mom, teacher, athletic director, and wife, and yet, I still read this whole book in a single day! I just couldn’t put it down!”
I’ve read other books by this author, and really liked them. This one, not so much. How many times can Tess wake up and not remember yesterday and when will Graham learn to make scrambled eggs? It started off really exciting, but after a couple of chapters just went downhill. Plus, the ending really confused me.
I’ve read multiple books by this author and the stories always pull me in, down to the last page. It is wriiten in such an easy to follow flow. I just love McFaddens work.
I could not put this down. I made myself late for work. The suspense almost had me flip to the end, and I NEVER do that.
This one will keep you guessing. What a clever and twisted plot!! Can’t wait to read more by this writer.
This might be her most compelling book yet! Fantastic Read! I sat down to read it and only got up to make a second cup of coffee before finishing it! Thank you for this book!
I read this book straight through couldn’t put it down. Loved the writing style and story progression.! Definitely recommend reading this book of you like thrillers


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4.9/5309 ratings