Doctor Heartless By J. Saman

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Doctor Heartless: A Grumpy Single Dad Next Door Neighbor Romance (Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors Book 3) By J. Saman


Book/Novel Author: J. Saman

Book/Novel Title: Doctor Heartless



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He’s cruel. Insufferably attractive. And broken beyond redemption. After the nightmare I just ran from, those details should have made him the perfect storm of do not touch. Except I didn’t know any of this—other than the attractive part—when I met him. Our story started on a lie. He pretended to be someone else, and I didn’t ask a lot of questions. Nor did I try to stop him when he snuck out of my hotel room in the wee hours of the morning. I was determined to start my new life on an uptick and a wild one-night with a hot stranger felt like just the ticket. Only I should have known something that good wouldn’t end that easy. On my first night in my new house, our paths cross again when I discover he’s my new neighbor. No longer the charming man I met in the bar, he’s a grump, completely unfriendly, and utterly intolerable. As if this couldn’t get any worse, I quickly learn I’m also his daughter’s new teacher. A wonderful daughter I can’t help but fall in love with. Something I refuse to do with him. Our button-pushing back and forth never fails to get under my skin. If anything, his sudden off-limits status makes resisting this devil of a single dad that much easier. Regardless of the temptation he presents. How searing his heated gaze is when I catch him staring. Or how breathless our stolen moments leave us. After all, this is the fresh start I so desperately need, and I will not let anything get in my way.No. I can’t give in to Doctor Heartless. No matter how hard he tries to change my mind. DOCTOR HEARTLESS is a 95k word deliciously STEAMY, grumpy/sunshine, enemies-to-lovers romance that will hit you straight in the feels! It is a standalone in the bestselling Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors series featuring Boston’s hottest billionaire doctors and the women they fall head over heels for!
What an awesome story of people learning to forgive themselves and allowing themselves to be loved. I loved how Elle grew to know her worth and to find herself. I loved how Stella learnt to stand up for herself and to grow, and I love Landon being such an alpha male. So hot!
Luca and Elle were so good for each other. Loved their chemistry and Stella Bella was such a cute kid.
This J. Saman’s story of Landon & Elle was my first foray into her writing, but it will DEFINITELY NOT be my last! Holy smokes! This was awesome on SO. MANY. LEVELS! I just absolutely loved it!!! The twists and turns we took to get to the end were incredible! GAH! Each one, Elle & Landon, had such a story to tell to get to the part where they were finally together. I loved it on so many levels. I’m heading back to Book #1 to get the full story! It’s just THAT good.
This is the reason this author is one of the best writers! The most incredible story and writing. I absolutely adore these characters and this series! If you haven’t read books by this author, you’re missing out!
It starts out ok but then goes downhill. The villains are silly. No reason is given for their plight.The male character is kind of dull. He feels guilty. Guilt is a poor plot driver.Just kind of weak
This was the best book of these interconnected standalones. I loved Landon. Add in Elle and Stella and it even became better. I found myself relating to Elle in so many ways. Her personal experiences with her ex, her family, and even her teaching were reminiscent of me personally (just in varying degrees). I found that because of that I was able to connect with the story that much more.This author always manages to create, not only a very enjoyable story but also characters that grow as the story progresses. I like that a lot. I am glad that Landon learned to open himself up and allow love to have a chance. He was an amazing father but his guilt was holding him back from being everything his Stella needed. There was a power that came with that.The preview of what is coming next has me really excited. With the way that this year is moving (how is it the middle of April already?), I am sure that it will be here before I know it.


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