Domestication By Seth Ring

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Domestication: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Battle Mage Farmer Book 1) By Seth Ring


Book/Novel Author: Seth Ring

Book/Novel Title: Domestication



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A world on the precipice of the apocalypse. A secret forged in the flames of war. A chance to start over. For John Sutton, only one of those three things matters.Retired from a decade of brutal war, he wants nothing more than a quiet pastoral life while he does his best to stem the steady increase of his Doom Points before they hit 100, signaling the start of the end.He’s been given a small farm on the outskirts of the empire as a thanks for his service, but no matter how far he travels, it’s impossible to escape the war’s devastating effects on the world.Bandits, suspicious townsfolk, a mysterious pair of siblings, and a secret that lurks in the mountains all threaten John’s peace. It will take all of his considerable power to keep from burning everything to the ground.Don’t miss the start of the next great Fantasy LitRPG Series by Seth Ring, author of Nova Terra. Pre-order your copy today and explore a world whose secrets have been buried under decades of war. About the Series: Mixing slice-of-life with epic fantasy action, mystery, magic, cultivation, and a broken game system that seems determined to make everything as hard as possible for the already overpowered protagonist, this LitRPG/GameLit series is perfect for readers who enjoy exploring rich worlds and complex characters.”Domestication blends action, monsters, farming, and apocalyptic quests as it introduces the LitRPG genre to a new era of storytelling. One of my top 10 LitRPG Reads ever!”–Benjamin Kerei, author of Oh, Great! I was Reincarnated as a Farmer.
This is a good book. You shouldy read it. I like the story. The characters are fun. The book is a good read. i enjoyed it alot.. Download or buy it today. why not?
Probably one of the better books I have read in a long time. Great characters and nice smooth twisted storyline. Actually edited and a good bit of wordsmith’s talent. I look forward to the next one.
The protagonist is a demigod-level character in a game. Or rather, a world run by game rules. He’s physically in it, and can be injured or killed. In effect it’s a portal fantasy, one where someone from our world gets dumped into a fantasy world. The world runs by inscrutable computer-game type rules, but it’s a real world as far as he’s concerned.He’s been at war for 20 years, and along the way he’s killed a lot of people, and almost been killed himself many times. He’s suffering from PTSD and general alienation, and he just wants to hide from it all, so he’s keeping who he is and what he can do secret.He’s also being warned by the Game that the apocalypse is coming, and that actions he take may make it arrive sooner, or delay or even avert it. He’s effectively living with a “Doomsday Clock of the Atomic Scientists” in his head, updated regularly, and it’s 5 minutes to midnight.It wasn’t spelled out at any point in the book, but it’s pretty clear the main threat of the apocalypse is him. Yes, he’s powerful enough that he’s a potentially civilization-ending threat. He doesn’t realize it, but the real struggle isn’t with the local bandits, it’s with himself. If he doesn’t learn to curb his use of power and become more of an emphatic human being, eventually he’s going to lose his temper on a catastrophe scale.It’s an interesting and different take on the genre. It’s the first book in a forthcoming series, so there’s no resolution as yet.
I must admit I was exceptionally skeptical when I first picked up the book. But this is an enthralling well written tale, and I am impressed. It was engaging, and kept me turning the page ling after i should have been asleep. Highly recommended
Well Mr. Ring has done it again with a new series. Surpassing all my expectations. I would absolutely read book 2.
Great world building. It is a fun story worth your time to read. 7 more words before I cam hit submit.


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