Dominic By Lauren Wood

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Dominic By Lauren Wood


Book/Novel Author: Lauren Wood

Book/Novel Title: Dominic

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**Falling desperately for a sexy legend.**
I got the job.
It was the gig that was going to change everything, fancy clients, hot men, huge mansions.
The problem? My new boss Dominic Halstead.
The mystery, the legend, the reason my heart skipped beats.
He was a Halstead, and they were known to be billionaire heartbreakers.
The first time I saw him from across the room, I knew.
I was drawn to the tall devil.
I couldn’t take my eyes off his large…muscles.
Out of my reach, firmly.
He wants me from the look of it.
His eyes follow me wherever I go.
Dominic’s tone is so husky.
All enough to lose my grip on reality.
Tara, my best friend, drags me into chaos. Dominic is there.
He pulls me out of the fire, burning me with his kisses.
Will I ever find air again?
Or am I destined to lose myself completely, drowning in Dominic?

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