Donovan & Otto By Charlie Tran

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Donovan & Otto: An Omegaverse Mpreg Romance By Charlie Tran


Book/Novel Author: Charlie Tran

Book/Novel Title: Donovan & Otto



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Donovan Solomita was just minding his business, doing what he was supposed to do as a ski instructor: Make it to class on time. But on the way to teach his new group of wannabe ski stars, a man drops from the Heavens above and lands right on top of him. Quite literally.
Otto Kent would rather spend all day indoors as winter break rolls around, but he’s forced to chaperone his younger sister to her ski lessons at the will of his father. In his own attempt to learn a thing or two on the slopes, he ends up falling head over heels for the hottie on ice.
The trouble is, it’s a fireable offense to date a client. When things get hotter between the two, Donovan has to tiptoe around his new beau to avoid any of his coworkers from taking note. But when he learns who Otto really is, it becomes an even bigger risk! How could he possibly continue to romance Otto without losing his job? And when Otto learns he’s pregnant, how will he dodge Mr. Kent’s wrath?
*Winter Wonderland is a fast-paced novella series that offers some sweet, warm-hearted moments with just a touch of angst. Complete with a HEA. Donovan & Otto are the second couple in the series. Contains elements of mpreg, a drop of foul language, and enough steam to keep you warm on a cold winter night. * **





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