Don’t Let Me Fall By Kelsie Rae

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Don’t Let Me Fall By Kelsie Rae


Book/Novel Author: Kelsie Rae

Book/Novel Title: Don’t Let Me Fall



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I want a girl I can’t have.She’s my tutor.My best friend’s girlfriend.And my kryptonite.She also looks really good in my T-shirt.But she wants the golden boy, and I’m more of the villain type.Or at least I was….Until I saw her smile for the first time.But the good guy she wants wouldn’t lust after his friend’s girlfriend.And the good guy she’s with sure as hell shouldn’t be sneaking around behind her back.So where does that leave me?Previously Titled Please Don’t Be in Love With Someone Else
I read this book in a day because I couldn’t put it down! Whenever one chapter would end I would end up reading the next cause I wanted to know more. I’m so excited for when “don’t let me go” comes out!
I haven’t really read a book for several years and the last one I read was Elenor and park. When I saw tik toks about this book several months ago I was so invested but the book wasn’t out yet. Fast forward I bought the book and just finished it today and I’m ready to go back to chapter one. Hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I love the way the story was told from two points of view. Excited to check out the other books! Highly recommend 10000/10
The tension between Ashlyn and Colt is so palpable throughout this book and they are just explosive when they finally get together. There are so many tropes layered in this book that all work really well together to add so much to the overall story. I mean we all know Logan is downright awful. I have to admit though I really expected the showdown between Logan and Colt to happen sooner but I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t more drama between Colt and Ashlyn. Overall the book was really good but I found myself loving the book up until the double date scene. After that moment the story kind of lost its angst and tension for me that kept me hooked. The audiobook really brought the story to life too!Rating – 3/5Spice Level – 1.5/5
My new FAVORITE book!!! My gosh. Read it in 4 hours. I’ve reread it 6 times since I got it the day it was released (bought the presale) and I an DYING for the second book!!!! Can’t recommend enough.
loved this book so much. can not wait for the second book to come out!! hopefully sooner, than later! i don’t know if i can wait!!
It was amazing! Well worth it, only thing is have to wait for the rest of the series! I want them now! Read the book in 1 day


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