Don’t Look Now By Mary Burton

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Don’t Look Now By Mary Burton


Book/Novel Author: Mary Burton

Book/Novel Title: Don’t Look Now



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A homicide detective in the dark. A serial killer on the loose. Both have their obsessions in a nerve-twisting novel of suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton.

Austin homicide detective Jordan Poe is hunting a serial killer she fears is the same man who assaulted her sister, Avery, two years ago. The details line up: the victims are the same age, same type, dead by the same grim MO. Luckily Avery survived. But the terrible memories linger, making Jordan more determined than ever to stop this monster in his tracks.

Texas Ranger Carter Spencer isn’t one to poach on a detective’s territory. Yet no matter how resentful a capable lone wolf like Jordan is, when she is attacked at a third crime scene and suffers a trauma that leaves her with limited vision, it’s up to Carter to help Jordan navigate a world she no longer recognizes. He needs her instinct, her experience, and her fearless resolve to crack this case. A case that’s about to get even darker.

A stranger is watching. He’s closing in on his ultimate prey. And no one but the killer can see what’s coming.
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This is the first Mary Burton title that I have picked up. I saw it on Kindle Unlimited and that it offered the free audio version with it. With that being said, I didn’t expect like it to blow my mind.-I thought it was definitely a slow burn.-I felt like the romance was kinda rushed and just shoved in towards the ending. It didn’t add to the plot and it kinda felt forced.-I also felt it was almost predictable(but really after so many serial killer suspense reads, aren’t they all?)I rated it 4 stars because it kept me hooked but only to the point that I was determined to finish and see if I was correct about the predictable (in my head at least) ending.
Loved the suspense, never a dull moment in the whole book.I hardly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good mystery.
This book kept me reading .never got slow. I loved the characters and the budding romance! Love her books
Fast action.Believable characters. Jordan is a real hero. Would love to see more with these same characters.Avery as a cop!
Great character development and original plot. I found it intriguing, although perhaps a bit predictable. Main characters had me rooting for them to find the villain.
Full of adventure and mystery. Hard to put down. I read it in a day. Enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters.


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4.9/5309 ratings