Don’t You Dare By CE Ricci

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Don’t You Dare By CE Ricci


Book/Novel Author: CE Ricci

Book/Novel Title: Don’t You Dare



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It was never meant to be more than a dare.A party game. A dare. A single kiss.That’s all it took to flip my world upside down.I’ve always classified myself as straight, and as far as I can tell, so has he.I didn’t think one kiss would change that, but I was so wrong.Now, I can’t stop thinking about him. In all the ways I shouldn’t.My best friend.Aspen.His taste is branded in my memory, his touch seared in my skin.And I want more.This simmering attraction I feel only grows with passing time.Which is why I start tossing out new dares.Riskier ones that toe lines we never thought we’d cross.I’m gambling with our friendship, knowing it could ruin us.But there’s so much more at stake here.Like my heart.*Don’t You Dare is a new adult college romance featuring two best friends, too many baseball puns, scorching dirty talk, and a whole lot of bi-curious exploration. Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.*
Aspen and Keene own a part of my heart.This is the perfect read for you if you love Friends to Lovers because it is written so well. The friendship between these two was the most important thing to both of them and they truly cared for one another above all else. Like it’s some serious soulmate stuff. And let me tell you, the spice in this book… Out of this world. Pen & Kee have a visceral connection that translates to their intimate relationship. You can feel their desire for one another coming off the pages.Emotions run high with both guys realizing that the sex might not be “just sex” between them anymore. They both want to make the other happy, but aren’t sure if they know how or even can. Enter the emotional stuff that had my heart breaking.Seriously had me over here talking to these guys, begging them to get their stuff together and work it out.But rest assured, after CE Ricci breaks your heart, it is put back together by the end and our boys get their HEA. With a spicy make up scene!
CE Ricci has become an instant-buy author. I love how she writes characters, I love her stories and dialogue. I love the tension and angst.This book gave me all of that! Friends-to-lovers doesn’t always click for me and usually it’s because there is one friend who wants to go all-in and the other puts up resistance. And the plot is based around that resistance. This book has that but in a smaller dose and it really works for me.We have Aspen and Keene, best friends since they were babies. Senior year of HS they are dared to kiss and they do. This stirs up some major feelings for Keene but seems to have zero affect on Aspen so Keene tries to let it go and move on.A few years later, they’re still BFF’s and coincidentally they are dared to kiss again. Aspen is down for it and doesn’t think it’s a big deal but Keene doesn’t want those feelings to resurface so it becomes a point of tension between the two because Aspen doesn’t get what the big deal is. Keene decides to be (partially) honest with Aspen about things he’s feeling and that’s when it goes from good to fantastic.This book was probably about 70% spice but you won’t hear me complain. I enjoyed how nonjudgmental of each other they were, how close their bond was, how sweet they were with each other. I also loved the their discoveries of each other and themselves.But what I didn’t love? What made this 4 stars instead of the 5 that it was for the first 80% of the book? My own personal deal breaker in books that gets me every time? Towards the end when things start coming out and feelings are exposed, one of them leaves. He runs away for 2 MONTHS! I have such a hard time giving a book 5 stars when this happens. I just can’t ever be convinced that these two are soulmates when one of them will willingly abandon the other.That’s my only complaint and even still, I’d recommend this book 10 times out of 10. These two will absolutely melt your heart. It was such a great read!
I loved every single part of this book the sexual discovery of two men who are also best friends and have been their entire lives! It was everything I needed in a book and even a little bit of angst. Aspen and Keene were special to each other they were each others back bones and shoulders to lean on at all points and it wasn’t all easy for them but they got through it and for that I’m so happy please I need them during marriage
One dare changes the lives of two best friends drastically. A game they played since they were kids only now as they’re older, the dares get a little more heated.A story of two best friends who go through the struggles of self discovery, questioning sexuality, and a dare that takes their relationship down a different path than they ever thought they’d take.The emotions and angst and love and heartache were all so palpable throughout this book.Aspen and Keene are everything.
Loved the sports aspect, adored the bisexual awakening, and loved the best friends trope. The writing was solid, the heat level was epic, and the emotions almost killed me lol. Loved every minute of Aspen and Keene!
This is my first CE Ricci read and I unexpectedly fell in love with the book. I love friends to lovers, and somehow took the trope to a different level.Pen and Kee, best friends for life. Then life happens, curveballs were thrown and cue the angst, character growth and hard-fought HEA.What I love most about it is CE Ricci took us for a ride of emotions, almost like being right there with Kee as his heart breaks. With Pen as he struggles and ultimately fights for his HEA and with Pen and Kee as they grab for their HEA. The conflict in the story was multi-faceted. The resolution wasn’t easily given, it was fought for and it made it more precious.If you’re a lover of friends to lovers story, I dare you to drop whatever you’re reading and read this one. It’s worth all the stars.


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