Don’t You Dare By Weston Parker

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Don’t You Dare (A Wedding Bells Alpha Novel Book 3) By Weston Parker


Book/Novel Author: Weston Parker

Book/Novel Title: Don’t You Dare



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He’s a playboy like no other… The crown prince of New York City’s real estate industry. A pompous jerk who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a camera in his face.All of which makes him absolutely perfect.Not for me, obviously, but for something much more important—to save the online fashion magazine I’m the editor of.It’s too bad I can’t get within a mile of the guy.Until I can.Well, I can’t, but my best friend can and she’s willing to sneak me into her photo shoot so I can take my shot.Honestly, I don’t have much hope. I’m no makeup artist and he pegs me as an imposter immediately.As it turns out, however, I’m not the only one who needs something.I might need a model with clout for the fashion show that could save my job, but hot stuff needs a little help too.A lot, actually. He needs a fiancée, and he introduces me as her without warning.As if I had a choice?However, it’s only one date, and if I don’t do it, the magazine is as good as dead.So, yes. Yes, of course I’ll fake it with him for one night.What could possibly go wrong?Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston
I’ve followed this series from the beginning and I cannot get enough!!! This story adds to the collection! LOVED IT!!!
This was an AMAZING read! Did not expect to be sucked into this but could not put this book down! Great work!!~CR
Cute story and fun premise. The story could have used a few more mishaps to keep the story going. The main characters were both likeable.
Logan Lewis and Katie Adams’ story will give you all the feels in a book. A fake girlfriend turned fiancée in one night makes this story an insanely great read. He is practically a royalty in NYC, a bachelor and handsome playboy, he comes from old money, fame and fortune who delves in the real estate business. Katie is an editor of a small publication magazine that’s is losing its appeal and advertisers and needed a lot of help to keep afloat. They made a deal. Be her girlfriend for one night to impress and sweeten a real estate deal he and his father are proposing to another real estate mogul. In return, he will walk the runway for her upcoming wedding fashion week for her magazine and tv/social media interviews after. This was engaging and fun to read. I❤️it and I highly recommend it.
I have enjoyed this book from page 1 to the very end! The two main characters were OUTSTANDING and so so so believable. The story had the right amount of sex to make it a sexy story the story line was fantastic! I can’t wait to read other books by these authors.
Sweet and sexy!!! Meeting under false pretenses, Logan couldn’t get Katie out of his head so he tracked her down. They enter into a verbal agreement with her being his fake fiance and him doing a fashion show for her. Fake feelings turn real and with a giant bump in the road, Logan’s ex hookup, they finally get it together and get their forever after.


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