Doubt By Jenny Schwartz

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Doubt (The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist Book 2) By Jenny Schwartz


Book/Novel Author: Jenny Schwartz

Book/Novel Title: Doubt



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Alien mysteries. Parental responsibilities. The scout ship Kangaroo has jumped into trouble.Nora Devi intended to leave her old life behind. But when a quick detour to acquire the funds for a new identity goes awry, she finds herself plunged ever deeper into the troubles she hoped to avoid. The Human Sector is a stash of fuel cells just waiting for a spark to explode. The Great Game of politics and power has shifted from the inner realm to the border. Captain Liam Kimani of the battlecruiser RC Genghis Khan is the man in position to suppress the explosion – or ride the wave of it.It’s been half a millennium since the Stranding. Is the power of the royals still worth supporting, or is it time to risk everything for the chance to rejoin the rest of humanity? Read more
Jenny Schwartz is really good at telling a sci-fi story. Her lead character is a strong, smart woman who lives a very independent life. This is not a fantasy romance, though there is a love interest. And that makes me love the series so much. The mc’s love interest never dominates the story. Its a background tone as we sink deeply into the life of the mc. Its just perfectly done. The world building is great. Completely political systems and military complexes exist. Schwartz writes in a mostly straightforward manner. No flowery fluff for her. And her fmc has that same direct manner. Its simple luxury to read a story with a fully adult heroine who is seriously high functioning, not psychologically gamey and has zero YA tone. Thank you Jenny Schwartz.
The author, Jenny, is obviously very intelligent, a rarity in my recent experience. Her insights into human feelings may come from research or personal experiences, but wherever they’re from, I find them helpful (as one on the spectrum). I stay up late to finish her books, and I find her characters to be likable. Her science is not as in-depth as her emotions, but that doesn’t get in the way of the story.While I worry that she breaks the “show, don’t tell” rule of writing, and the effect that may have on her popularity as an author, I’m happy to see that she finds writing rewarding enough to keep doing it anyway :)Highly recommended, and I’m off to grab more of her books!
Good characters.Would like a little more dialogue between then.Stays away from most of the technical space stuff which is great.
Look. I really enjoyed the first two books. You should read them. Can I leave a little note to the author, though? The genetic code is based on DNA, not RNA! This is SCIENCE fiction. Get your basic facts straight!
I’m enjoying this series. Just enough romance with adventure, intrigue and good world-building.I highly recommend it to readers of sci-fi and fantasy.


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