Dragon Blood By Katie Cherry

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Dragon Blood By Katie Cherry


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cherry

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Blood



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The path of her destiny is written within her blood.
Myra is a carefree twenty-two year old who prefers to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, all it takes is one night, one decision, and her life changes forever.
On her way home after a night out with friends, Myra runs into the Denver Demons—a dangerous gang of men known for their glowing eyes thought to be simple colored contacts. It’s only after being kidnapped that Myra discovers who and what they truly are. Mutts. Half human, half dragon, and they want something from her—something hidden in her blood. Turns out she’s a mutt herself, and they need her dragon power in order to become stronger.
Saved by a group of dragons determined to fight the Denver Demons, Myra is dragged into a world that should have belonged to fantasy. Now she must decide whether she wants to return to her human life, or embrace the dragon inside her. **





1/51 rating