Dragon Born 4 By Dante King

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Dragon Born 4: The Shifter’s Hoard By Dante King


Book/Novel Author: Dante King

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Born 4



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My father is alive. Xandra, the vampire queen, has taken me to his former home and revealed some part of his identity.But who he truly is remains a secret that will be revealed in time.The question is: will I be ready for it? Will my clan be ready for it? The world?
What is a power play? When I hear the term I think of a move or set of moves that show complete control of a situation and mastery of a skill. This book was filled with power plays and you’ll just have to read to see who you think did them best.
I really like this story ,what with the battles and epic villains it creates a wonderful reading experience that will entertain for time to come.

This story is a wild ride into the unknown as well as horror adventure and love. There is good drama as well as adventure concerning the characters in the story as they learn more about what is going on with the villain. There’s lots of interesting twists and more questions are answered about the mysteries that keep popping up. So far it’s an interesting ride and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
I have liked the storyline in all books, but this one seemed to drag out the final battle way too long, then ended with cliffhanger, meaning, we have to read the next…
A great book from the wonderful imagination of a fantastic author and I’m greatly looking forward to the next one.


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4.9/5309 ratings