Dragon Heart By Katie Cherry

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Dragon Heart By Katie Cherry


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cherry

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Heart



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**A new dragon breed can’t just appear out of nowhere. Right?**
*Less than a month before the wedding, Myra receives news from the Elders about the discovery of a new group of dragons. She has no idea that finding them will change her life forever…*
Myra’s sick and tired of getting dragged away from her life as soon as she decides she’s happy with it. But this time, it seems she has no choice. The Elder Dragons are insistent that she is the only one who can keep these ‘new dragons’ from exposing them all to the world- the very thing the Elders have been preventing for centuries.
She’ll do anything to keep those she loves safe. But the new dragons, hidden away on their invisible Hawaiian island, may ask more of her than she’s willing to give. Unfortunately, the way around their demands could easily get her killed.
**This could be the end of the line. Will Myra ensure the survival of the dragon race, or will she doom them all?** **





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