Dragon Heart By Kirill Klevanski

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Dragon Heart: Land of The Enemy. LitRPG Wuxia Series: Book 8 By Kirill Klevanski


Book/Novel Author: Kirill Klevanski

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Heart

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Best Seller#1 in Asian Myth& Legend eBooks#1 Fantasy Adventure Fiction#1 Dark Fantasy Horror#1 Dyspopian Science Fiction#1 Superhero Science FictionA lot had changed in ‘The Holy Sky’ School during the six weeks that Hadjar Darkhan was away. Everyone who was in the capital at the time became much stronger, thanks to the regular skirmishes along the Imperial road. By the Emperor’s decree, all the disciples of the Imperial martial arts schools were allowed to visit the infamous and highly coveted Wastelands. ‘The Holy Sky’s’ disciples were especially fortunate – they’d been given a two-week head start to find the map leading to Emperor Decater’s tomb, as well as the key that would allow them to enter his chambers. The School erupted into chaos as everyone wanted to fight for the dead Emperor’s Inheritance. After all, they wouldn’t just find artifacts and alchemical solutions in the tomb, but something far more important as well. Decater’s tomb also contained the secrets of all his friends, disciples, and followers. Whoever opened the door to the tomb, regardless of their path of cultivation or abilities, would become the strongest cultivator of their generation. But what would happen if the map and key fell into the wrong hands?Hadjar Darkhan had returned to the School, but there was no time to rest. A new adventure awaited him.*********************************”Dragon Heart” is one of the top-rated Wuxia LitRPG novels in Russia.The author has been writing the story for only two and a half years, however, it already has 1400 chapters spanning 15 books. The whole story is planned out and will have over 2000 chapters and 20 books.The Russian version has been read over 20,000,000 times.This story has made Mr. Klevanski the #1 author on the 4 biggest self-publishing sites in Russia.From December of 2018 till now, “Dragon Heart” was being translated into English and published chapter by chapter on several American sites.Within a month, the story became popular with foreign readers and caused quite a stir.On Royal Road, it was holding the top spot in trending fictions and gathered more than 2000 followers.On Creative Novels, it’s being followed by over 1500 readers.Webnovel received the book warmly and the readers are eagerly waiting for new chapters. I hope you’ll like the story, too.#wuxia #reincarnation #adventure #matrial_arts #litrpg elements

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