Dragon Soul By Katie Cherry

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Dragon Soul By Katie Cherry


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cherry

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Soul



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Can peace be found among humans when you bear the soul of a dragon?

It’s been two years since Myra decided to leave the life of a dragon, preferring to slide back into the comfort of the human experience. Little does she know, her past is about to come knocking…

When Rhys shows up on her doorstep, wounded and begging for help, she knows that despite her choice two years ago, she still needs to save her clan from the danger they’ve found themselves in. And, thanks to a past she knew nothing about, she may be the only one with the ability to find the Elder Dragons and request their aid.

Finding the Elders is one thing. Getting them to help her may be another, thanks to their distaste for mutts. Can she survive the trials they set before her, and prove that her soul is that of a dragon’s?

Or will Myra’s time run out, leaving her clan at the edge of utter destruction… all thanks to her? **





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