Dragon Whelps By Charlene Hartnady

Dragon Whelps (Earth Dragons #3) by Charlene Hartnady

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Book/Novel Author: Charlene Hartnady

Book/Novel Title: Dragon Whelps

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A full length novel set in the same world as the Bride Hunt books Shale is blindsided by a pregnant female who claims the baby she is carrying is his. It is a distinct possibility, although he can’t be sure, right then, if she is telling the truth. There are a couple of things this female doesn’t know. Firstly, if he is the father, it is twins. Secondly, the infants won’t be human. There is a third and even more worrying fact to consider. He needs to get to the bottom of this before it’s too late. Contains hot dragon shifter males and therefore strong sexual themes/language. No cheating!

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