Dragon’s Envoy By James Haddock

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Dragon’s Envoy By James Haddock


Book/Novel Author: James Haddock

Book/Novel Title: Dragon’s Envoy



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It would make a great bard’s song: The orphan son of a mage, a battlefield scavenger saves a knight’s life, is elevated to be his squire, and becomes a dragon’s envoy. But this is no bard’s song. All of this was because of the dragon stone necklace I scavenged from that dead mage. I knew it was magic when I saw it. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Dragon stone they call it, but what it actually is, is a dragon’s egg. When I touched it, I felt the need to put it around my neck for safekeeping. When I did, the necklace embedded itself inside my skin, making me the new dragon’s envoy. It has since been my duty to protect the egg until she’s ready to hatch. How do I know the egg is a she? Easy, she talks to me and is helping me to bring out my natural magic talents. Sometimes I’d rather it was a bard’s song, as it can be tiring. Although I must admit, having a dragon inside you comes in handy when people are trying to kill you.
My biggest complaint is that the book was too short! It was a fun read that didn’t have gratuitous sex or unnecessary foul language. The story line was straightforward and fast paced. Hoping another book in this series will be forthcoming!
This is a great story with well thought out interesting excellent characters that you really get to like. A page turner all the way. I very highly look forward to the sequel.
Entertaining and funny. I enjoyed it. It was a fast read in kept a nice pace. Looking forward to the next book.
I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to the sequel to see where the intrigues go. The character development and world building are solid. The only small improvement would be for the author to have a better edit reader to catch the small name and title inconsistencies. Grammatical errors such as passed instead of past. Overall the quality of the storytelling kept me enjoying it beyond the written words though.
I enjoy your stories even if their are similarities. I hope you one day do a continuation of one, this seems like a good one to continue.
I have a love hate feeling for this author. He writes a great story, but doesn’t write the next book. His sifi book need book 2, and half a dozen others need book two. Was going to take a star off, but this was so damm good


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4.9/5309 ratings