Dragon’s Justice 3 By Bruce Sentar

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Dragon’s Justice 3 By Bruce Sentar


Book/Novel Author: Bruce Sentar

Book/Novel Title: Dragon’s Justice 3



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Zach is on the hunt for Morgana, who’s hidden herself in Sentarshaden, the secret city of paranormals.The elven city is celebrating the time of rebirth and nurturing their root trees.His secret is slipping, and he sees just what is in store for him as a green dragon becomes known to the city. The new dragon is both revered and hunted. But keeping himself hidden becomes impossible as he finds Morgana in a terrible state and needing his help.The only thing that can help her happens to be in the hands of the church itself, and a certain gold dragon isn’t going to take no for an answer as he collides head on with the knights templar to save Morgana.
I really really REALLY liked this one and the plot and how all the girls get connected with his love 🙂 i want moreeeee this is so good!! Going back to another dragon book after this cuz im so hyped!!
I enjoyed this one a lot. Author is improving each book. The world building in this one was more focused and nothing threw me out of immersion. I read it nonstop! Lovedthks installment and can’t wait for the next.
I can’t wait for more in the series. New problems, possible dragon wives and new dimensions to explore.

Well just finished third book and the series is interesting and entertaining. The author wrote like I like to read and I would like to know if there will be more to the story.
I enjoy the story and the thought of all the different paranormals. The lemons are just bonuses compared to the writing itself


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