Drake By Pandora Snow

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Drake: M.E.D.I.C.S.: An Instalove Steamy Military Medical Romance By Pandora Snow


Book/Novel Author: Pandora Snow

Book/Novel Title: Drake

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She’s given me everything, but she can’t cure me. If I don’t find a way to reign in this paralyzing fear, there’ll be no one left to love.

"Nooooo!" I scream, bolting up in bed, covered in dripping wet sheets.

"Drake, you’re alright." 

My soft sweet sensual Rebecca, my high school love, the woman I intend to marry.

If I can stop these nightmares from decimating every aspect of my life.

I’m already in deep with the boss. I’ve been late more times than he can count. Thank God for Chuck.

I have no one else to run to, not even my squad.

“Drake,” she breathes, as my eager lips continue pursuing her beautiful mouth. “We need to talk.”

Those four small words strike fear in the hearts of men everywhere.

I’ve screwed up big. So big she may be unable to forgive me despite the impending news. She wanted her mother this time, not me.

Everett will take me in. He has to. He promised. Blood brothers to the end.

Will my asinine inebriated actions cost him a chance with his forever girl?

Will Rebecca, and her parents, forgive me when I return?

What will it take to eliminate my paralyzing fear and give her happily ever after?

An army. Good thing I know a few good men.

Drake is a steamy, heartwarming, tender military romance. If you love happy endings where the good guy finishes first, enlist in his squad today.

Read Drake, Book 3 of the new M.E.D.I.C.S. series. That’s an order!

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