Earth Dragon’s Kiss By Riley Storm

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Earth Dragon’s Kiss By Riley Storm


Book/Novel Author: Riley Storm

Book/Novel Title: Earth Dragon’s Kiss



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Summary & Review

**All he wants to do is help, but she’s determined to do it on her own…**
Nearly five years ago, Sarah Mingott moved to the little town of Plymouth Falls. She says it was to help support her grandmother, but the truth is darker than that. Hiding her secrets was easy, until she lost her job. Now she’s forced to turn to the one place she doesn’t want to go. She hates rich people, and so when the owner takes a special interest in her, the last thing she wants is his attention. It doesn’t matter how handsome he is, or how good he looks in his suit. Or the way he makes her body feel when he looks at her with those unusual eyes.
Earth dragon Jax Drakon was awakened for one purpose: to forge an alliance between the various shifter nations, to combat the growing vampire threat. His efforts are going about as well as his attempts to gain the attention of his newest employee, a curvy five-foot-five, browned-haired bombshell hiding behind glasses. That is to say, not well. Rebuffed at every turn, he can’t figure out why she won’t give him the time of day. Unfortunately for him, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind either.
Sarah just wants a normal job without the special perks Jax is trying to offer. He’s just like the other rich men she’s met, and nothing is going to change her mind. Not even the meddling interference of her grandmother, who seems to have taken a shine to Jax against Sarah’s wishes. Only Jax can change her mind, but first he’s going to have to figure out how to keep his mate safe, as the vampires have caught her scent. And she might not like the answer… **





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