Echoes of the Past By Regina J. Robinson

Echoes of the Past (The Alina Chronicles Book 1) by Regina J. Robinson

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Book/Novel Author: Regina J. Robinson

Book/Novel Title: Echoes of the Past

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Time is a bitch. What makes me think that you wonder? Probably because it is. I mean how would you feel being made to live your whole life alone? Never knowing who to trust, who to love. Walking endlessly through the unknown trying to make sense of this shitty world. Yeah, time is a bitch. Pain and destruction is all I have known, all that makes sense. I have been running for centuries. Always running, desperately trying to escape the hellish fate that inevitably catches up with me. Chased by the demons of my former lives, they catch me, destroy and slaughter me, and for what I have no clue? All I know is that this time I will burn through this life as I did the last. I was born from fire. The embers glowing bright within my soul. I am power. I am resilience. My name is Alina and soon I’m going to watch this world burn. ****** Echoes of the Past is Book One in Alina Chronicles. This is a read at your own risk, Dark Slow Burn Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy novel. It contains sensitive subjects that may be triggers for some, such as murder, death, torture, and nightmares. This book is for 18+ as it contains swear/cuss words, graphic torture and sexual situations, including m/m.

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