Echoes of Valor By Josh Hayes

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Echoes of Valor: A Military Sci-Fi Thriller (Valor Book 2) by Josh Hayes


Book/Novel Author: Josh Hayes

Book/Novel Title: Echoes of Valor

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The truth is out there… In the aftermath of the Stonemeyer disaster, Special Agent Jackson Fischer is determined to uncover truth behind the failed mission and bring those responsible to justice. But growing pressure to close the case has everyone on edge, and Fischer is desperate for more evidence. As Corporal Allen Sheridan struggles to face his demons from Stonemeyer, he must also prove himself to his new teammates. Assigned to the Alliance Marine Special Operation Command, Sheridan and the members of Team Valkyrie soon find themselves right in the middle of the biggest clandestine operation in the history of the Alliance. The search for truth, however, only leads to more questions and with the Alliance on the brink of war, Fischer and Sheridan must race against the clock to find the answers that will put an end to the conspiracy that threatens to tear the Alliance apart. Echoes of Valor is an action-packed story of bravery, determination and the will to win at all costs. With higher stakes and deeper mysteries, the second book in the Valor Series will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

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