Ectomancer’s Torment By HDA Roberts

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Ectomancer’s Torment: Book VII of ‘The Magician’s Brother’ Series By HDA Roberts


Book/Novel Author: HDA Roberts

Book/Novel Title: Ectomancer’s Torment



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A powerful enemy is defeated, his dreams of conquest shattered.We won.But so did he.His final act damaged my Well, the source of my Magic, perhaps beyond repair. My body is failing as my own powers slowly kill me.I have to find a cure before it’s too late, but there are so few people who can even understand what’s wrong, much less how to go about fixing it.Not even my fellow Archons know how to help, and my sources are coming up dry.Desperation is driving me into branches of Magic some might consider dangerous and that others would gladly kill me for just looking at.But it’s either that or surrender to my end…Dangerous Magic it is!
Stubbornness is truly one of his greatest traits. Can’t imagine what comes from this set up but I expect to enjoy it. Poor Matthew, he needs a vacation!
Swing and a miss. Started out OK, then crashed and burned. All the other books in the series, had individual plots that contributed to the overall narrative. This one really felt like it was only a build up for the next novel, not a continuation of the overall narrative from the previous novels. Not to mention that he he makes his own main character irrelevant, I’m sure in the next one it will all be made right, right?
The plot of the entire series is predicated by the lack of two brain cells between any of the main characters. Every single inevitable betrayal is obvious to the point of parody. This coupled with the lack of agency from the mc and the authors need to add literal deus ex machinas makes this by far the worst in the series.

An enjoyable read!I enjoyed the smooth writing style of the author.Lots of relationship building and plenty of action to keep it interesting.These books are lengthy, several hours of reading pleasure.I enjoy a story that does not have to rely on graphic sex to move the story forward.The main character grows and evolves throughout the series.He is clever and humorous as well as caring.He grows into his powers and his knowledge base.More perceptive and insightful through time.I am looking forward to more books in the series.
Great story and the way the author approaches the use of magic is scientific and well thought out. Simply amazing


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4.9/5309 ratings