Elementals Academy By Michelle Madow

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Elementals Academy: The Discovery of Magic By Michelle Madow


Book/Novel Author: Michelle Madow

Book/Novel Title: Elementals Academy



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Welcome to Elementals Academy, where magic is the only hope of survival, forbidden romance beckons, and an ancient secret threatens to end it all.Summer Donovan thinks paying her way through her expensive private college is her biggest problem.She’s about to find out how wrong she is.Because when the president of the most exclusive sorority on campus goes off the rails and bullies her, Summer defends herself with something she never knew she had.Magic.It turns out she’s a witch. But that’s only the start of the surprises in store for her.Soon after her magical breakthrough, Summer learns she’s destined to attend Elementals Academy—an exclusive school dedicated to witches descended from the Greek gods.At Elementals Academy, Summer finally finds the thing she’s wanted her whole life: a place where she fits in. Although that doesn’t last long, thanks to her magic not working the way it’s supposed to, and no one knowing why.But her biggest challenge isn’t schoolwork. Or magic. It’s Zane Caldwell—the iciest, most attractive, and most mysterious student at the school. Despite the way Zane’s warm to her one minute and cold the next, Summer feels an irresistible draw to him.While struggling to understand her feelings for Zane, Summer soon discovers she has another problem—one far more dangerous. There are secrets lurking within the hallowed halls of Elementals Academy, and she may hold the key to unraveling them. If she can survive long enough… and figure out who to trust.Praise for the Elementals series:“A must read!”—USA Today“Michelle Madow has a flair for keeping you enthralled, no matter what your age.”—Robert Schofield, Amazon Reviewer “Elementals is one of the best in the YA genre!”—Ziggy, Amazon Reviewer“Michelle Madow dares to refresh our views on magic and storytelling.”—Dave Wilson, Amazon Reviewer“Watch out, Percy Jackson! The Elementals are on the rise.”—DebBlove, Amazon ReviewerBegin the long-anticipated series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow—an adventure full of magic, romance, and mythology that’s perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
If I had known I would have to wait for the next book I would never had read this one. Like all of Ms. Madow’s books it grabs you and gets you involved. I read it cover to cover non stop. Now I have to wait 4 months for the next in the series. Ms. Madow, I beg you, please release your next one early!! I have been a Kindle Unlimited subscriber for years. Ms. Madow’s books are some of the few I don’t mind paying for.
I really enjoyed this book. Usually, academy panoramal romances follow a formula. Many of the romances often are repetitive and are higher on the romance but not as much on the world building. However, this book had a great combination of the two.Summer and Zane are one of my new favorite characters. I enjoyed them together. There was great chemistry but also a lot of emotional depth. Summer is super fun and I love how she grows throughout this novel. She is spunky and has a lot of power. But what I liked about her was that she struggled. Zane is super sweet. Even though he is a hottie he has so much emotion and is teddy bear. I like how he is friendly and just not a jerk.The world building is really good in this book. It is super unique and I love the unique take on elementals. My favorite part of the book is the little Easter eggs that reference other books in the same world.I highly recommend this book for lovers of why a fantasy and also Academy books. Go check this book out.
Suitable for anyone adolescent through adult. Story follows previous series, elementals. Folks will recognize some themes from other series, but this is definitely its own story. Shorter than most traditional books, but that seems to be common now.
Absolutely love all Michelle’s books, as soon as I start one of her books I absolutely have to finish it, simply just can’t put it down. I recommend her books to everyone I talk to
There’s a lot of academy type stories out there, but somehow Michelle Madow manages to keep it fresh and interesting the whole time. Great read!
Great story line, very descriptive characters, fast pace. Can’t wait for next book. !Michelle Madow is one of my new favorite authors.


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