Elf Prince By Tara Grayce

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Elf Prince: An Elven Alliance Novel By Tara Grayce


Book/Novel Author: Tara Grayce

Book/Novel Title: Elf Prince



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Farrendel would do anything to keep from killing again…even marry a human princess.Farrendel Laesornysh, the younger elf prince of Tarenhiel, has become the elves’ foremost warrior, thanks to his deadly magic. He is no stranger to death. But when the humans propose a marriage alliance during a diplomatic meeting, he is desperate enough to avoid more killing to agree. Even if an elf should never trust a human bargain.The human princess is probably a spy. Or an assassin sent to kill him on his wedding night. Yet if he can make this marriage work, as his grandmother seems to think, it might be the first breath of hope Farrendel has had in over a decade.Elf Prince gives Farrendel’s perspective on the events of Fierce Heart (Book 1).
This love romance science fiction action fantasy story is right up my alley. The plot though an old one was a good read
This gives insight to an interesting situation along with the emotions and internal personal growth as these two purpose to grow together
This book is a companion to book 1 which was told from Essie’s perspective. This book fills in scenes from Farrendel’s point of view. The author does a great job bringing Farrendel’s voice to life. I really enjoyed this book. Another fantastic addition to the series!
I absolutely adore this series. The first book will always be my favorite because of the pure growth and love between Farrendel and Essie. But being able to see all that through Farrendels eye??? It really just made me love this so much more.The shyness, fear and questioning from Farrendel of his relationship with Essie felt so real and natural.We get to see and understand those quiet and frozen moments from the inside. It wasn’t him being aloof, annoyed or cold. He was nervous. Or even panicked in some situations.If you want smut or spice or all that alpha BDE stuff, you won’t get it here. But you will get a story that you will love.
You know how you feel after a great book? That sinking feeling that it’s over while being all warm and fuzzy?Yep. That’s this tale 100 times over. I have absolutely adored the entire Elven Alliance Series: the joy, hope, humor, adventure, and love in these pages never failed to make my own life seem a bit brighter. These characters, my land, I feel for them and want to hug them all at the same time.It’s clean, it’s fun, and it deals with some hard subjects with humor and laughter threaded throughout. There is blood and mentions of torture, but tactfully done to prevent it feeling dark. And the relationship… oh my word. No spoilers, but it’s so cute and sweet it’ll make your toes curl.If you haven’t, start with the first book in Elven Alliance then come back to read this end. You won’t regret a moment in this world. Thank you, Ms. grayce, for a beautiful and wonderfully tale that made me smile and laugh when I desperately needed it.
NOVELLA REVIEW Farrendel is absolutely adorable in this short novel! Taking place in between the scenes of Fierce Heart, we get to see his thought process as he slowly falls in love with Essie.•I love how Tara captures the trauma he’s suffered and how he struggles to overcome those to have a relationship with Essie. As someone who’s faced my own trauma in the form of betrayal and manipulation, it was refreshing to see in a novel. And knowing what I do from the other five books, it gives us more appreciation for Farrendel and how much he overcomes.•Five out five! Love this beautiful book!


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