Eli By Marc Alan Edelheit

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Eli: A Fantasy Epic Adventure (A Ranger’s Tale: Part One Book 1) By Marc Alan Edelheit


Book/Novel Author: Marc Alan Edelheit

Book/Novel Title: Eli



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A dangerous mission. A war of the Gods. An epic destiny.When elven rangers Eli’Far and Mae’Cara are dispatched to hunt down the dangerous criminal Mik’Las, the mission seems simple enough. Mik’Las has committed the unthinkable crimes of murder and kidnap, and though he’s a former ranger and skilled in the deadly arts, Eli is confident they will bring him to justice.But after Mik’Las flees into the human kingdom of the Castol, Eli and Mae find their mission suddenly wrought with complications. Lord Edgun, an oppressive man grinding his people under the heel of his boot, has left its people desperate. Things grow even more complicated when the elves run into Jitanthra, a strange human girl being hunted by Edgun’s men, and who has connections to a mystical outcast, an elf currently imprisoned by Edgun.Soon, Eli and Mae find themselves unexpectedly drawn into the middle of a rebellion, a struggle between gods, and the opening stages of the dreaded Last War.Find out why readers have fallen in love with Amazon bestselling author Marc Alan Edelheit’s books. Sit back and enjoy this wild ride. Elven ranger Eli’Far, first introduced in Stiger’s Tigers, rapidly became one of the fantasy genre’s standout characters. With A Ranger’s Tale, Edelheit pulls back the shroud to reveal the shocking and exciting tale of how Eli starts down the path to a destiny he can scarcely imagine possible, a fate that sees him inextricably linked to Stiger.

Couldn’t wait to read about him. Was hoping to have more detail into him getting involved with the humans. Can’t wait for more books on him.
Started slow. Almost to practicable. Then so twists and couldn’t put it down. Part of the fun was the answers to some questions in the.first series and now some new questions. Waiting for the next one.
This book was excellent to read. Loved the plot twists and the exciting characters.I would recommend this book to everyone.
Foiled in a lot of questions but created a lot more than I started with. Love the details and fleshing out of the characters.
As usual I have enjoyed this authors book. I’m looking forward to the next in the series. Always a good read.


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4.9/5309 ratings