Elite By Samantha Davis

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Elite: Horizon Heights Academy: A Reverse Harem High School Academy Bully Romance By Samantha Davis


Book/Novel Author: Samantha Davis

Book/Novel Title: Elite

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**Glitz and glamour. Parties and prestige. That’s what they want you to see.
** **Scandals. Deceit. Lies and secrets.
** **That’s what I see.**
Horizon Heights is like heaven on earth. Money, wealth and social status are what matter in this town. Mansions line the hills as the waves crash against the sandy shoreline.
The High Society Elite have their sights set on me. Mason, Nate and James are the hot, chiseled leaders who are used to having it their way. It’s in their blood to break the new kid.
That’s only if the Elite girls don’t get to me first. Harmony is their leader, the one they all answer to. She’s beautiful and elegant, and she puts the ‘B’ in bitch.
I don’t belong in this world, and the Elite will go from scandal to scandal, diving deeper into my past to ruin me. 
But what they don’t know is that I’m smarter than they are. I’m determined to become something. I want in and I won’t stop until I get my rightful place with the Elite.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Elite: Horizon Heights Academy Book One is a Bully Romance, High School Reverse Harem book. This is the first book in a four-part series. This book contains sexual scenes, triggers and very bad-boy language. If this offends, please consider your purchase.

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