Elves with Benefits By Jana Aston

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Elves with Benefits (Reindeer Falls Book 4) By Jana Aston


Book/Novel Author: Jana Aston

Book/Novel Title: Elves with Benefits



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My name is Ryan Sheppard and I don’t care about Christmas. I’m only returning to my over-the-top Christmas-themed hometown to sell the house I inherited from my late uncle so I can get back to the city and the promotion I’m chasing at work.Unfortunately, there’s a flaw in my plan.Because according to the town Christmas cop, there’s a moratorium on selling houses during December. She says it’s bad for the aesthetic. She’s also slapping an alarming number of tickets on my front door. For being in violation of holiday décor. And I swear on Rudolph himself, one is for ‘unsportsmanlike Christmassing.’To top it all off, this Christmas cop looks like a red-headed elf.A sexy red-headed elf…Warning: Christmas in Reindeer Falls is more naughty than nice. These stories are over-the-top festive with merrily-ever-afters guaranteed. Novella length for quick holiday binge reading. Enjoy!
I love the series and how it’s centered around Reindeer Falls. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
Just eh. The Wrong series are probably my favorite books ever, and so I wanted to love this, but I just couldn’t. Maybe it would have added depth if the story was told from a dual perspective, but I just felt like the characters had little depth. And legally, no town could cite a homeowner for failing to decorate for the holidays. As an attorney, my suspension of reality had to really stretch with this one.
After reading K-books review I purchased this book as a palette cleanser from my last few books. This book was absolutely delightful and darling with some sexy time fun. I adored Maggie, Reindeer Falls official Christmas Cop and Ryan, a city slicker Scrooge. Both have baggage from their past and seeing them work it out makes this novella a wonderful holiday read. So grab some good hot chocolate and a gingerbread cookie and get reading.
It was fun visiting Reindeer Falls a year later. If I could visit a Christmas town in real life, this would be it. I found Ryan and Maggie’s story to be fun and a bit whimsical. Maggie is the most Christmas loving person I have ever seen. She’s a bit over the top with it, but when you hear about how her Christmas was growing up, you can’t really blame the girl. I’m glad she got her real (in a fictional story) life Christmas romance with Ryan.
I really liked the 1st 3 of the Reindeer Falls series, but this one was too heavily loaded with inner dialogue/ waxing poetic on wonderfulness of Christmas. It was done as tongue-in-cheek character development, but it didn’t leave much space for romance/ sexy times. Hope rest of series will return to prior level of experience.
This wasn’t quite as good as the previous 3. It was lacking for me and I just couldn’t quite connect. Still a fun short read.


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