Emerald Isle, Crimson Curse By A. Carr

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Emerald Isle, Crimson Curse By A. Carr & Polly Amori


Book/Novel Author: A. Carr

Book/Novel Title: Emerald Isle, Crimson Curse



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Summary & Review

I thought I had everything in order. College was finished. Up next: a job, an eco-friendly car, maybe even a dog. Not bad for an orphan who grew up getting bounced through foster care. I’d worked hard all my life and things were finally looking up for me… or so I thought.
Turns out there’s a lot I didn’t know… like that magic is real… or that I’m descended from a Celtic warrior goddess… Or that three vengeful demons are bent on wiping out my bloodline.
As it happens, my ancestor, The Morrigan, killed their mother, an evil witch with plans to raise the dead, kill the living, and rule over hell on earth. And that’s not even the worst of it.
My biggest problem is my, blushing, crushing, lust for my four fearless hunks, closer than brothers: one warlock, one over-grown leprechaun, and twin wolf shifters. Every one of them so sexy, that I can’t pick just one. But can I pick all four? How’s a gal to choose?
Every man jack of them would saw off a limb to protect me. They’d do even more to get me in bed. As it so happens, they don’t need to work all that hard. I’m taking on all comers – one for all, and all for one. Good thing too, because with all we’re up against, it’s going to take all the teamwork we can muster just to survive.
Emerald Isle, Crimson Curse is book one of a Paranormal Reverse Harem series. Keira’s adventures with her four hunky beaus is exciting, action-packed, and very, very steamy. It is also witty, smart-a **, and hilarious. Emerald Isle, Crimson Curse pushes all the buttons for a wild, sexy, and uproariously entertaining read. It contains cursing, violence, and sexual situations.**





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