Emergency Love By Elle Woods

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Emergency Love: A Medical Romance By Elle Woods


Book/Novel Author: Elle Woods

Book/Novel Title: Emergency Love

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Vince Daniels was just fine being the top surgeon resident at Honeywell Hospital. But he has a new rival now, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous.
Saving lives in the operating theaters of Honeywell hospital is a job that Vince Daniel was obsessed with. He loved the work and was highly regarded as one of the most talented and fastest-rising surgeons in the hospital where he worked.
But all that was about to change. There was a new resident in the East Wing, and she was sharp as a tack with an even sharper tongue, and Vince was more than eager to cross swords with her, in more ways than one.
Vince never expected that his new rival was Olivia Brown, a woman with whom he had shared an intimate friendship with years ago when he was younger before it all went up in flames.
Olivia on her part knew exactly who Vince was, and was doing all she could to avoid running into the man that shattered her heart into a thousand tiny pieces years ago and reopening old wounds.
When their respective schedules unavoidably force them to work together, professional rivalry and long-buried attraction to each other will rise to the surface, making for a titillating mix of passion and competition.
Emergency Love is a short steamy romance novel filled with memorable characters and tantalizing plots. If you’re a fan of slow-burn romance and second-chance romance novels, then you need to get this novel by Elle Woods!
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