Empire of Lust By Rina Kent

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Empire of Lust: An Enemies with Benefits Romance By Rina Kent


Book/Novel Author: Rina Kent

Book/Novel Title: Empire of Lust



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My boss. My hell.When I slept with a faceless jock as a teen, I didn’t think I would become pregnant.I also didn’t think I would lose that child.Several years later, I find out that my daughter is alive and I’m given a second chance.One problem, though.The faceless jock isn’t so faceless anymore.He has a name everyone fears; Kingsley Shaw.A ruthless bastard. A heartless devil. And most importantly, my daughter’s father.Oh, and he hates me as much as I hate him.We’re out to destroy one another with all methods available.Including a dangerous game of lust that might lead to our downfall.Empire of Lust is a complete STANDALONE. No other books should be read prior to this.
This was the last book of this series and I think I will go into withdrawal. My gosh, what a wonderful book. Aspen and Kingsley and two people that are ruled by their past. She was 14 and he was seventeen when they first met, although she lied and said she was sixteen. They have one unforgettable night and she is pregnant. They told her her baby was born dead and for twenty one years she mourned. Then they meet again. Ill let you read the rest now. I’m a cliffhanger. Lol. The story is wild and unforgettable. The characters will have you rooting for them. I absolutely loved the story and the ups and downs are like a rollercoaster you can’t get off of. It will draw you in and spit you out.
I’ve been anxiously awaiting Kingsley and Aspen’s story since I read Gwen and Nate’s. It did not disappoint! These two have so much chemistry and tension between them that it’s electric every time they’re in the same scene! I liked the backstory and getting to know what happened between them. I LOVE Kingsley. His snark was enjoyable, and I love how he turned protective over Aspen, even when he’s supposed to *hate* her. Aspen was a fantastic lead as well. I love how in charge she was; I think many women can relate to her. The steam had me fanning my face in several scenes! This was a solid 4.5 ⭐️!
This was such a good book. It was a fast paced, drama filled read. It had some heartbreaking moments but also happy moments. So good.
Liked the storyline but couldn’t stand the female narrator. The male narrator had a good voice, but almost hard to understand it was so deep.
Kingsley Shaw is EVERYTHING!!!Empire of Lust is an emotional rollercoaster ride, with crazy twists that Rina is a master at, and a story that will have you glued to the pages!Kingsley and Aspen are amazing together even though they start as enemies. The chemistry and passion between them, ugh, so freaking HOT!This book will have you all in your emotions but its so worth it!Connor Crais and Mackenzie Cartwright brought these characters to life perfectly, and the way you could feel all the emotions from their voices blew me away!!Empire of Lust is a must read/listen!!!
Empire of Lust is book #4 in the Empire series. We finally get to have Kingsley and Aspen’s story. My goodness was it a good one! Their chemistry was off the charts intense, filled with all the drama and angst. Kingsley is a powerhouse hero, but Aspen gave as good as she got. Loved both characters and Connor Crais plus Mackenzie Cartwright did a well job portraying them both.


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