Empire of Ruin By Eva Ashwood

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Empire of Ruin (Dirty Broken Savages Book 4) By Eva Ashwood


Book/Novel Author: Eva Ashwood

Book/Novel Title: Empire of Ruin



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Empire of Ruin is the heart-pounding final installment in the Dirty Broken Savages series.Note: The blurb below contains spoilers, so I’d highly recommend not reading it until you’re caught up on the series, starting with book one, Kings of Chaos. You’ve been warned!***I was a good girl once, but now I’ve got bloody hands and a broken heart.When Julian Maduro and his wretched sister breathed their last, I thought that would be the end of it. But I should’ve remembered the brutal truth that’s been beaten into me over and over again…People like me don’t get happily ever afters.Alec Beckham forced me to do the unthinkable, shredding my heart with the squeeze of a trigger. And he’s not done with me yet.The man who was responsible for the worst torment of my life has decided he wants me as a member of his secret society, a permanent player in his game of manipulation and power.Fine, you sadistic f*ck. You want me to play? I’ll play. But I won’t do it by your rules, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win.Because people like me don’t fall in love either. They don’t find their soulmates.But I did. I fell for the Kings of Chaos, and now I have something to fight for besides just vengeance.I’m fighting for them.For us.Empire of Ruin is a full length mafia/gang new adult romance featuring a slightly psycho heroine and four even more psychotic men. This book contains dark themes and possible triggers, so please read at your own discretion. It is book 4 of 4.
I have read all of her series and this is by far the best one! I loved River and her guys it was an awesome story line, great character development, great spice and all around just an awesome read! Can’t wait for the next series. I swear her writing just gets better and better
Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this series. Eva Ashwood just became a one click author for me. Great combo of smut and story.
I read all 4 in 2 days and I know that if nothing else, River is unforgettable. She’s a badass and well deserving of her HEA like no other. I enjoyed every twist and shocking moment that Ms Ashwood provided. 5 stars!
This book was everythingggg! That’s how you wrap up a series! River is so badass, and her men? Ahhh! Love the entire harem, but Knox? Good god, that man can cut out my birth control any day!
I loved this series. I couldn’t get enough of it. I want more. I love how they all made it through everything that was thrown their way. I loved how River changed from the first book. I loved the way the guys all loved each other. Must read series!!!
I received an ARC copy and let’s just say WOWWW. This was the perfect way to wrap up this series but also leave you in suspense for another series


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