Empty Earth By Jacqueline Druga

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Empty Earth By Jacqueline Druga


Book/Novel Author: Jacqueline Druga

Book/Novel Title: Empty Earth



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When Vivian closes her eyes to go to sleep, she prays she doesn’t wake up, that the world just goes away. Little does she realize her prayers are about to be answered. Vivian wakes to a world void of life. Bodies everywhere, cars smashed into buildings and each other.It seems whatever happened occurred in an instant.Everyone is dead. Everyone but her. Now Vivian not only searches out others, but for answers as to what happened and why.
The Empty Earth is a good read from start to finish. I love how the characters develop and grow through out the book.
I really enjoyed this book as I do all of MS Drugas books. But once again the grammar was atrocious. This was the worst book so far as far as grammatical errors!!! So many sentences that I couldn’t even make sense of. Whoever is proofreading and editing her books needs to actually READ them and not skim them. But even with the astounding number of errors it was really a great story.
Great story by a new author for me to read more of. This story builds up at just the right pace. Could happen since our beautiful planet is so over populated as it is. Hope this isn’t going to be our future. Sarah Conner lives on.
What a shock to why rhe apocalypse was happening!! Love the story and the characters. And the surprising wY it’s turning a exciting new apocalypse story.
This was an interesting concept. I would read a sequel. But there are so many mistakes and sentences missing words that it was very distracting.


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4.9/5309 ratings