End Time By Daniel Greene

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End Time By Daniel Greene


Book/Novel Author: Daniel Greene

Book/Novel Title: End Time

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**They show no fear. They show no remorse. All they want is to see you dead.**
Mark Steele, a rising star within the shadowy counterterrorism Division, and his team of gritty operatives are ready to meet any task. A simple escort mission to bring back besieged embassy staff is about to put all their training to the test. 
Unbeknownst to them, they are gearing up against a highly contagious microbe that spreads like wildfire through the streets killing everyone in its path. It’s not death they will learn to fear, but what comes in its wake…
Only a lone CDC virologist understands the dire implications of the outbreak. Can Steele and his comrades get him back to the U.S. in one piece? Or is this mankind’s last breath before the world rises again undead?
The first installment of an epic series, End Time starts as a slow burn that turns into a breakneck paced struggle for survival. Greene does an excellent job of depicting individual stories within the larger scope of the global epidemic. Follow this harrowing tale of horrific survival, duty, and love as the living dead bring the world to its knees.  ******* *
**Enter the End Time.** * *
### Review
“Talk about a killer debut! Spoiler alert: Daniel Greene has written one of the most thrilling post-apocalyptic books of 2016.” **- *New York Times Bestselling Author of the Extinction Cycle, Nicholas Sansbury Smith** *
**Best New Zombie Books of 2016**  –  ***RANKING SQUAD** *
* * *
“Daniel Greene does not disappoint me in this first book in a series…it’s an action packed book that will keep you glued to the pages. But will the safe zone hold? If you like the zombie genre, this is a great addition.” **Cyrene, *Uncaged Reviews** * , ?????
“From the very first scene of Greene’s gruesome, entrancing thriller, readers know that they are in for one hell of a ride. Greene is meticulous in his detail, particularly in the panicked, close-quarters fighting that makes readers bite their nails in gleeful terror. For a complex, character-driven action thriller with enough gore and urban battles to satisfy hardcore zombie-genre fans, End Time is a bloody mess of fun from top to bottom.”  ***SELF-PUBLISHING REVIEW, 4½ Stars** *  
“For fans of The Walking Dead and zombie fiction, this tale of how the plague of the undead began and how mankind fights for survival is great.”  ***LISA’S WRITOPIA*  **
“Loved this book! Zombie books are a particular favourite of mine anyway, but this one blew me away. Mark is an awesome main character, and I loved his flaws as much as his bad a **attitude. The plot of this book spirals quickly and leaves you gripped until the very last page. I cannot recommend highly enough!”** *SAMIE SANDS ** ** ,* ** *Author of the AM13 Outbreak Series***
“This story was paced out perfectly. From the moment that I was dropped in the middle of the Congo, I was immersed. Greene lays out just enough scientific background, to make the spread of this disease feel realistic.” ***HOPELESS BIBLIOPHILE*  **
* * *
“The author brings a very real sense of current danger in the world, with Counterterrorism agents and doctors overseas trying to deal with diseases in a third world country. Grab your seat as characters encounter the deadly virus and the escalating terror that follows.” ***MYRA NOUR’S HORROR BLOG,** * ?????
### From the Author
***The End Time Saga* – Series Order** ******* *
**Book 1: *End Time ** ***Book 2:* The Breaking*** **Book 3: *The Rising ** ***Book 4:* The Departing*  ** **Book 5: *The Holding*  (December 2019)** **Book 6: *The Standing*  (Coming 2020)**
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**Origin Short Story: *The Gun*  **

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