Endless Knight By Annabel Chase

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Endless Knight (Midnight Empire: The Restoration Book 1) By Annabel Chase


Book/Novel Author: Annabel Chase

Book/Novel Title: Endless Knight



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Return to the world of the Midnight Empire where darkness reigns and vampires rule. New York is my prison.Once a sought-after assassin, a single error in judgment landed me in servitude to House August, the most powerful vampire family in North America. Now I use my special brand of magic as a member of their security team, fighting monsters in the city and keeping the royal family’s many enemies at bay.When the queen summons me for an assignment and offers my freedom in return, I want to jump at the chance—until she tells me what the assignment is.Like a valiant knight, I am to escort her son from the family’s stronghold in Florida back to New York, which would be difficult enough without my messy romantic history with the rogue prince.I accept the job because my freedom means more than my wounded pride.Darkness and monsters stand between us and our destination. Thankfully I’ve never been afraid of either one.I soon discover there’s more at stake than the return of the prodigal son. Even if we survive our enemies, I’m not sure I’ll survive the journey with the vampire who broke my heart.Endless Knight, Midnight Empire: The Restoration, is the first book in a new urban fantasy trilogy set in the same world as Wild Knight, Midnight Empire: The Tower.
As the blurb states, this new offshoot ties into the Midnight Empire: The Tower series. In this dark world, vampires’ rule over the humans, shifters, and witches. . . And monsters abound. Britt was raised in a coven, cast out by her parents and her own kind. She once dated a prince, was an assassin, and now an indentured servant to the NY vampire royalty.I loved the way secondary characters pop in and take on life. So effortlessly done. George and his loyalty. Liam dropping a date to have some adventure. Same with the vampire twins, how happy they were to get some ‘real life’ experience. The evil wizard that was truly evil. Odd how each species is so divided yet everyone knows each other’s secrets. Each and every character is so well written and it’s why I had to stop and add my review to the hundreds out here.Britt can’t open her heart, not after she’s been abandoned, left, and discarded. Even now a fellow wizard is threatening her, but at least she’s warned. With her trusty flying friend, her daggers, and connections, she’ll stand strong, leaning towards doing the right thing. She lives by her word and does learn from past lessons. Curious to see where this series goes. – Read on Kindle Unlimited. – Dan’s Wife
Reading this book in another series was actually not the one I thought it was. Definitely a really good book by this author. I enjoy her characters and storyline.
I really enjoyed The Tower series that precedes this one in the Midnight Empire world. It’s funny and interesting and reminded me a little bit of Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series.I was excited to try this book and read about the vampires and witches in North America. But the plot of this book was so far fetched. I managed to finish it, but the whole plot structure just didn’t hold up. Alaric and Britt make nonsensical decisions like teleporting right outside enemy territory and expecting centuries old politically savvy vampires to just listen to them and trust them. Also, some of the same jokes from the earlier series were included here especially some about the Wizard of Oz and while they can be funny once they just felt tired and forced here. Also, Alaric’s eyes were green just like Callan’s! Their descriptions were so similar. All in all, just feels like a pale imitation of the former series. Unfortunately, I won’t be returning for book two. But, I would def recommend Chase’s Tower series featuring London Hayes if you haven’t read it!
What all the other paranormal fiction aspires to be- great plot, flawed and layered main characters, hilarious supporting characters, the perfect amount of romantic tension and a lovely setup for book 2…if you’d like to release it sooner, we certainly wouldn’t mind.
I liked the first series, so same with this new spin off. Really badass heroine with a unique magic ability in this dystopian world were vampires rule in eternal darkness because of super volcanoes erupting all at once and covering the earth with ash.
The story line was fair .Characters were lacking .And honestly I don’t mind series books but I am tired of starting series only to find they are not completed!The authors I feel have an obligation to their readers to disclose when a series is incomplete. A heads up would be nice!


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