Endless Knight By Nazri Noor

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Endless Knight (Darkling Mage Book 9) by Nazri Noor


Book/Novel Author: Nazri Noor

Book/Novel Title: Endless Knight

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Thirteen witches. Five swords. One sacrifice. Dustin Graves is grotesquely outnumbered. Agatha Black has completed her Coven of One, splitting her soul across thirteen bodies. One power-hungry witch razing the universe was bad enough. Thirteen of them can only mean total hell. But there may be a way. Hecate, triune goddess of magic, whispers her forbidden secrets, showing Dustin a path too terrible to take: the Apotheosis, a ritual of five bloody blades that will finally grant the darkling mage the arcane might he needs to annihilate the Eldest. The result? Power overwhelming. The price? Everything he loves.

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