Enemies Abroad By R.S. Grey

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Enemies Abroad By R.S. Grey


Book/Novel Author: R.S. Grey

Book/Novel Title: Enemies Abroad



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It’s simple: Noah Peterson and I are enemies. Our fellow teachers know it, our friends know it—even the Starbucks drive-through lady knows it since every Monday she scrawls the name A. Hole for me on Noah’s cappuccino when I pick up the weekly group order.The shrill whine of the school bell announces the start of each day’s no-holds-barred grudge match. Since neither of us is looking to get fired or thrown in prison, we war with our words and our wits. We prefer banter that bites. All day, I’m on edge, looking around every corner, expecting him to do his worst. Just when I think I can’t take the sight of his (regretfully) handsome face for one more minute, the school day is done.Summer usually offers the sweetest relief—a two-month Noah detox—but not this year.“We need two volunteers to chaperone a group of eighth graders in Rome” becomes a game of chicken neither one of us is willing to lose. We both want that bonus check.“Back out,” I tell him.“Scared?” he taunts.No one thinks it’s a good idea for us to go to Rome together, least of all me. Taking this battle abroad will only lead to mayhem and misery.DING. Ladies and gentlemen of flight UA447 with service to Rome, fasten your seatbelts.We’re bound to have a bumpy ride.
I used to enjoyed RS Grey’s books, but her latest releases have not been great. This is not really an enemies to lovers book, they just don’t like each other and it required me to suspend too much disbelief to even enjoy a tiny bit.
loved the back and forth. the chase was thrilling. couldn’t put it down. A most read I can’t wait to read more
Humor, reality, a touch of corny that made this an easy read, very enjoyable. Couldn’t put it down, a fun story
I usually really enjoy RS Grey books. Not this one. I just found the characters annoying for most of the book. Enjoyed envisioning Rome though!
R.S. Grey is one of my favorite authors ready but this book cemented it. I’ve never related to a character more than Audrey. Great book, cute and witty, adorable
Audrey Cohen is a teacher at Lindale Middle School. Noah Peterson is her coworker, classroom neighbor, and mortal enemy. The last thing they want to do is escort a group of middle schoolers to Rome. But here we are. This book is SO fun. Even though I don’t teach anymore, I still love anything school/teacher related. Plus, I traveled with student groups when I was in high school and now I’m wondering what my leaders were like without us kids around. Obviously, this book was one I couldn’t pass up. My one complaint: it’s a little slow in the romance department but that didn’t make me like it any less. Read if you like: Italy ‍ Work(ish)place romance Enemies to Lovers ✈️ Traveling One Bed Low Steam


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