Enemy Dearest By Winter Renshaw

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Enemy Dearest (Monreaux Brothers) By Winter Renshaw


Book/Novel Author: Winter Renshaw

Book/Novel Title: Enemy Dearest

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August Monreaux was a stormy sea of a man, the dark between the stars, an electric chill cutting through a crowded room—all wrapped into one wicked, beautiful package. He was also off-limits. My entire life, I was kept a safe distance from the notoriously virulent Monreauxs, banned from so much as breathing the same air. And like the good daughter I was, I obeyed those rules. Until the one time I didn’t …Only while I sampled him, he devoured me like the forbidden fruit that I was. And in the blink of an eye, my worst enemy became my first love. His poison became my antidote. His touch, my addiction.And then he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So I didn’t.But falling in love was never part of our secret arrangement. Our futures were written in the stars long before either of us were born. But what a Monreaux wants, a Monreaux always gets. And August will stop at nothing to make me his—even if it costs him everything. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This angsty, forbidden romance has major Romeo and Juliet vibes but promises a HEA. 🙂

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