Entanglement By Brooks Michael

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Entanglement : It’s the Deadliest Weapon in the World Today. It’s Not a Bomb and It’s Not a Virus. And It’s Here Now. By Brooks Michael


Book/Novel Author: Brooks Michael

Book/Novel Title: Entanglement

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Nathaniel Virgo is a London based journalist who has recently been asked to cover the science beat by his editor at the Herald. Rather reluctantly, he attends a Quantum conference in Baltimore and is given a disk by a scientist he doesn’t know. On his return to London he discovers that the man who gave him the disk has died. As Virgo investigates the story, he discovers that the Quantum computer – a computer that can break any code in the world in the matter of seconds – might not only exist, but may be in danger in falling into criminal hands. And Virgo is the one who holds the keys to the kingdom with his encrypted disk as he uncovers a trail of corruption that leads all the way to halls of American power.

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