Enticed By Renee Rose

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Enticed (Two Marks Book 4) By Renee Rose


Book/Novel Author: Renee Rose

Book/Novel Title: Enticed



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TWO MARKS PACK RULE: DON’T MIX WITH RANCHERSIn Wyoming, we’re the law.We keep the pack’s secret–and our wolves–safe from our neighbors, the ranchers.Then we meet her.The one we’ve been waiting for. Our mate.Only she’s a rancher—the nemesis of our pack. Worse, she’s the daughter of a wolf hunter.When danger encroaches on her land, we’re sent to investigate.We want to protect her. To prove to her we’re exactly what she needs.But she may be part of an illegal operation. And now she knows we’re more than two rugged cowboys bent on making her ours, which means she could destroy not just us, but the entire pack.Regardless of the truth, we must claim her. Our lives depend on it.One way or another we’ll have her. Or die trying.
The entire Two Marks series is a great read. You will crave more with each exciting story. Thrilling action, amazing story and fun filled ‘mating’. Highly recommend!!
Man, I love these books so much! I lose sleep over Rene Rose’s book series. These are a must-read! The two lovers are so hot!!!
Another great Two Marks series book. I really liked Ali as she was vibrant and intelligent as well as being sexy. She described herself as big bones and just 2 inches short of heartthrobs Theo and Holt, her fated mates and the local law. Unfortunately her fathers last name is Jenkins and her and his pal Hallowran are known to the shifter community as a wolf murderers. Now they are adding meth making to their resume and Theo and Holt are hot on their trail. Unfortunately that leaves Ali right in the middle of it all instead of in the middle of their embrace.I found it refreshing that the heroine did not run the course of the “petite princess” women usually put with the tall muscle men.It was a great read and hopefully not the last in this fun series.
Holt and Theo took the love thy neighbor phrase to heart in finding their mate in the rancher next door… All the problems all the steamy sexiness all the love in this will keep you enthralled.
Another interesting and relevant story that I highly enjoyed reading! I love this series. This book was thought out well and I didn’t see any editing errors. It’s also nicely different from the previous ones.
Enticed is the fourth book in Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale’s Two Marks series. Yet again, these ladies introduce readers to fascinating lead characters—Alison Jenkins, Holt Cooke, and Theo Dexter. Alison returns home to aid her father, Bob Jenkins, with running the family ranch. However, unbeknownst to Allison, her father got himself mixed up in criminal activities, production of meth, through his association with Mr. Halloway. Theo, a DEA agent, returns home pursuing a case of a meth in the area. He unites forces with his scent mate, Holt, the town sheriff. Upon visiting the Jenkins’ ranch, Holt and Theo meet Alison. Immediately they recognize she is their mate. However, they face a dilemma as they are law enforcement agents and she may be involved in the meth production and distribution. To find out what unfolds, you must read this book.Again, Ms. Rose and Ms. Vale penned another captivating paranormal menage romantic suspense. I enjoy their writing style. Their skill in crafting outstanding dialog is remarkable. I enjoyed their use of multi-person POV and descriptive language to provide an understanding of her lead characters’ backstories. I liked the way they used the theme of corruption and greed to drive their antagonists, an unlikely pair of two ranchers.


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