EPOCH Fates And Furies By Michael Orr

EPOCH Fates And Furies: The Saga Prequel by Michael Orr

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Book/Novel Author: Michael Orr

Book/Novel Title: EPOCH Fates And Furies

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Religion falls and a new Age rises In 2352, freak stars rip open spacetime to attack EarthFleet ships, and Humanity’s faithful call it Heaven’s wrath on us for leaving our home. Whether Earth knows it or not, the Great Crusade has begun. Ensign Viktor Ionescu joined EarthFleet for adventure, but four stifling months aboard a spit-n-polish cruiser have shown him where he ought to be…if only he can find a way to get there. Professor Nazanin Sukho burns to teach the world that religion drives people away from god, not closer. But nothing can prepare her for what happens when the world stops to listen. Lt. Commander Aldo Lansig lost his first command to an alien dreadnought, and proving himself worthy of a new captain’s chair is turning out just as unforgiving as the battle that robbed him of the first one. Witness the beginning, as EPOCH’s towering figures are forged by forces that will drive Humanity’s evolution. Here are the Heroes and Heralds of the coming Age.

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