EPOCH Queen Of Heaven By Michael Orr

EPOCH Queen Of Heaven: Book One in the EPOCH Saga by Michael Orr

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Book/Novel Author: Michael Orr

Book/Novel Title: EPOCH Queen Of Heaven

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Eternal mysteries and an existential truth Humanity has never known Life aboard a starliner is more than just cosmic sightseeing In 2371, fiery young Trish thirsts for adventure when she signs aboard Earth’s grandest megaliner to dance across the galaxy. But while exotic ports of call and alien intrigue offset the menace of deadly Earth Isolation Disorder, a darker evil lurks in Heaven’s deep…and it knows Trish’s name. Meanwhile, Lt. Jerrett Nash is trapped Earthside. Military Intelligence is as far from the fleet as he can get. But a phantom from the galaxy’s unfathomable past is turning starfields into graveyards, and it might just be Jerrett’s ticket back to the action — as long as he doesn’t shatter Earth’s galactic independence on his first serious mission. Military sci-fi meets Galactic Tourism in this transcendental epic, scratching the right itch for fans of sweeping cinematic universes like Babylon 5 and Mass Effect.

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