Eternal Promise By Heather Walker

Eternal Promise (Cipher’s Kiss Book 5): A Scottish Highlander Time Travel Romance by Heather Walker

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Book/Novel Author: Heather Walker

Book/Novel Title: Eternal Promise

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  • With all the ingredients for the Cipher’s Kiss Collected, it’s down to Quinn Brewer to concoct the immortal elixir and everyone will live happily ever after. Wrong. The threat to the Angui posed by the Falisa still exists in the present day. Refusing to give up eternal happiness, the Primary Industries girls come up with a plan to end the Falisa once and for all. In a twist of delicious irony, Ellen discovers a memory wiping potion that can be added to the Falisa’s water supply in Medieval times, causing them to forget their vendetta against the Angui. All set, the Angui women travel back in time to complete their mission. For Quinn, traveling through time is a daunting but exciting experience. Especially after being told she gets together with Noah Kelly in the past. It all seems…strange. Is he really the man for her? When Noah meets Quinn for the first time, he’s struck by her courage and beauty. Could she be the Angui warrior woman he’s been praying for? Only time will tell. But first, they have to destroy the Falisa or none of it will matter. Will the friends receive their promise of eternity? Or will the Falisa ruin their plans and finally wipe out the Angui?

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