Evasion By Glynn Stewart

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Evasion (Scattered Stars: Evasion Book 1) By Glynn Stewart


Book/Novel Author: Glynn Stewart

Book/Novel Title: Evasion



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A captain on the run from the horrors of his pastA girl on the run from the trap of her presentA ship that will bring them togetherCaptain Evridiki “EB” Bardacki was once a nova fighter pilot for a nation he truly believed in. Betrayal and failure sent him into exile and flight. Now owner-operator of the freelance star freighter Evasion, he treks the edge of human space, taking cargos that lead him ever onward—but there are lines he will not cross.When those lines are challenged, EB makes enemies of the most powerful crime syndicate for a hundred light-years. When one of their victims stows away on his ship, he finds himself pursued by an enemy with assets everywhere he turns.Caught between the devil and the deep dark void, EB has run out of places to run—but in a child looking to him for salvation, he may have found something to fight for!CONTENT WARNING: This novel deals with themes and details of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Glenn Stewart seems to always balance character and action better than almost any sci fi writers. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.
Overall the writing and story concept are ok. Tends toward repeating chatter and filler to the point I frequently skipped pages. Other then that have a freakishly competent 13 yo that most of the story rotates around.
I have been following Castel relm since the first book. Though this is ” not” part of it, the feel ,every , highs , lows and laughs are there as a carry over. A great and frankly amazing Sci fantasy serie to follow.
It could have been a entertaining story if not for the SJW and woke ideology woven into every chapter. I gutted out reading to the end in the hopes of being entertained. Not to be. SJW and Woke is just not entertaining.
Glynn Stewart does it again. I’ve fallen in love with another cast of characters before I’m even halfway through the book. I’ll take another half dozen books in this series please.


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4.9/5309 ratings