Everything Must Go By Camille Pagán

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Everything Must Go By Camille Pagán


Book/Novel Author: Camille Pagán

Book/Novel Title: Everything Must Go



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A warm, wry novel about secrets, second chances, and the unbreakable bonds between mothers, daughters, and sisters by the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of Life and Other Near-Death Experiences.Laine Francis believes there’s a place for everything—and New York, where her family lives, isn’t her place. But no sooner does the professional organizer’s marriage begin to unravel than her sisters drop another bomb on her: their mother, Sally, may have dementia, and they need Laine to come home.Laine agrees to briefly return to Brooklyn. After all, bringing order to chaos is what she does best. To Laine’s relief, Sally seems no more absentminded than usual. So Laine vows to help her mother maintain her independence, then hightail it back to Michigan.Except Laine’s plans go awry when she runs into her former best friend, Ben, and realizes she finally has a chance to repair their fractured relationship. Then she discovers that memory loss isn’t the only thing Sally’s been hiding, forcing Laine to decide whether to reveal a devastating truth to her sisters—and whether to follow her heart when it means breaking her mother’s.
This is a lovely but sad love story about family, friends, and love kind of twisted but true in the end.
The storyline about the mother’s struggles with dementia was good.**Spoiler belowBut I had such a hard time accepting how easily and amicable her marriage broke up – and if Josh didn’t want kids why did he jump right over to the sister who had three kids. And everyone is just cool with that? I just thought it was a weird and unrealistic twist to the story.
Life is complicated, for Everyone. You’re on a path you have chosen, or someone chose it for you. But, on the way, your heart insists on speaking to you, distracting you from your path, shining a light on a new future. Camille Pagan is a gifted storyteller and mind reader!
Not one known for tears, this one did it for me. It brought out so many thoughts and emotions about my own family. This was well written and kept me engaged – no putting this one down until I was finished.
Have loved all her books, and this one did not disappoint. i like how she weaves family relationships and how a person can be stronger because of them. her books always leave me with a good feeling,
This was a sweet story…. It was a little slow for my taste but still sweet none the same since it hit a little close to home for me… If u looking for something that’s a little sweet and sad check this one out


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