Excalibur Lost By Glynn Stewart

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Excalibur Lost: a Space Opera Novella By Glynn Stewart


Book/Novel Author: Glynn Stewart

Book/Novel Title: Excalibur Lost



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A broken speciesA broken manA lost legend…Only dreams and stories remain of the worlds humanity once called home, but scattered refugees live in the corners of the empire of their conquerors, the Sacred Council of Races. Among those refugees is Gerard Arkanis, first officer of a salvage ship dedicated to picking over the remains of his species’ desperate attempt to stand against the Council’s galaxy-spanning theocracy. Hard work and hypocrisy have kept Arkanis alive, serving a god he cannot believe in. Humanity’s fate leaves him no choice—until their ship stumbles onto a legendary lost warship and the remains of a failed plan to save all mankind…





4.9/5309 ratings