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EXPLOITING AJ (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Project ROOT Book 3) By TL Reeve


Book/Novel Author: TL Reeve

Book/Novel Title: EXPLOITING AJ

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AJ “Two-Hands” Hoover isn’t afraid of getting dirty. She’s been playing in the mud for years, learning the system and taking down bad guys. What she hasn’t mastered yet, is how to control her heart when it comes to her best friend, Scotty “Ears” Reisner. She’d do anything for him, but could she pretend to be in love with him or become his submissive without losing him in the end?

Scotty doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body. When Asher, leader of R.O.O.T, assigns them to an older, more seasoned FBI agent, Thomas Kaine, for an undercover operation to help Murray Jacobs recover his sister, Scotty has his doubts. Playing a role he’s not comfortable with can only end badly for them. So, instead, he’s stepping up and doing the one thing he’s wanted to do from the beginning—claim AJ. 

Thomas Kaine will do whatever it takes to reunite family. He’s taken the fledglings, AJ and Scotty under his wing to not only protect them but expose both to a world he’s been a part of for years, however what he didn’t expect was falling for both of them. Now, they’re in a race against time.

When a night of debauched pleasure ends with Scotty being kidnapped, Thomas and AJ must work together to find him. However, when he turns up at Emporio de Monstruo (Emporium of Monsters) and on the auction block, their mission goes from bad to worse.

Can Thomas and AJ save Scotty before he’s sold to the highest bidder, or will they be running out of time?

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