Eye of the Hurricane By Robert J. Crane

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Eye of the Hurricane (The Girl in the Box Book 49) By Robert J. Crane


Book/Novel Author: Robert J. Crane

Book/Novel Title: Eye of the Hurricane



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In the aftermath of the world-changing events of her last adventure, Sienna Nealon stands at a crossroads in her life, unsure of which direction to take.

Love the series and the character development! Can’t wait for Ghosts to come out! I’m glad Sienna is finding herself again.
Gosh I really tried to not read so fast but darn, finished in two days. I love this book series. Great movie in my head every time. Wish wish wish this was a movie series. I’d binge watch for sure. Hoping #50 isn’t the last book but really how many more scenarios can happen that haven’t happened already. There are still many things to explore so if he keeps writing them, I’ll keep reading. Sienna is kick ass and she lives in Nashville so gotta love her even more. In my perfect world she exists but is not so misunderstood. I get so mad when she’s getting misunderstood. Read on dear reader! Enjoy!
As always, WONDERFUL, exciting, humorous, and even somewhat touching. Keep the story going, Robert Crane! A great read for all…
These books don’t come fast enough!!Robert J. Crane has two series I read and this one sucks me in and gets me rereading the past 40+ books just to relive the mayhem.
After a wild twist of events in her last adventure, Sienna is finally back off the bench when her brother goes missing. I loved this one because it reminded readers of the lengths that Sienna will go to for her family, especially her brother. As always, looking forward to seeing what happens next!


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