Eyes of the Void By Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Eyes of the Void (The Final Architecture Book 2) By Adrian Tchaikovsky


Book/Novel Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Book/Novel Title: Eyes of the Void



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The Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author of Children of Time brings us the second novel in an extraordinary space opera trilogy about humanity on the brink of extinction, and how one man’s discovery will save or destroy us all. After eighty years of fragile peace, the Architects are back, wreaking havoc as they consume entire planets. In the past, Originator artefacts – vestiges of a long-vanished civilization – could save a world from annihilation. This time, the Architects have discovered a way to circumvent these protective relics. Suddenly, no planet is safe.Facing impending extinction, the Human Colonies are in turmoil. While some believe a unified front is the only way to stop the Architects, others insist humanity should fight alone. And there are those who would seek to benefit from the fractured politics of war – even as the Architects loom ever closer.Idris, who has spent decades running from the horrors of his past, finds himself thrust back onto the battlefront. As an Intermediary, he could be one of the few to turn the tide of war. With a handful of allies, he searches for a weapon that could push back the Architects and save the galaxy. But to do so, he must return to the nightmarish unspace, where his mind was broken and remade.What Idris discovers there will change everything.
This is very much the classic book 2 of a trilogy like the “Back to the Future” movies .That is, the characters and plot are introduced in a dynamite first book/movie; the second book is just a bridge where a lot happens and nothing is really explained but the characters and plot continue on; and the third book is (hopefully) a dynamite conclusion where all the question are answered.
I read this as an ARC from the publisher.It’s the second in Tchaikovsky’s ambitious Space Trilogy that began with Shards of Earth and deals with humanity under threat due to enormous entities known as the Architects that come to inhabited worlds and basically unmake them, killing everything that lives there. Earth was destroyed in the past by one of these things and in the first book protagonist Idris Telemmier, one of the INT’s created by humanity to pilot ships in Unspace (the very clever way that faster-than-light-travel is achieved in these books). Talks one of the Architects into not destroying humanity’s new main home and gets it to go away. The adventure of that book takes place 50 years later as the Architects threaten to return as Idris lies low on the space salvage ship the Vulture God with its motley crew of misfits who somehow manage to be a found family in the best way.In this book, the Architects have come back and are busily unmaking human and alien worlds, including ones that have the remains of the Originator civilization on them, worlds they wouldn’t touch previously. Idris has defected from the main human faction Hugh, to the Parthenon, a genetically engineered race of women, who are attempting to create their own INTS to pilot ships. And they’re trying to do it without the horrible operations and genetic modifications Idris, himself endured. He has agreed to help them so new INTS can be brought into service without slavery or torture.But as soon as the Architects return, it is clear that humanity and all its allied races have run out of time. And Idris, his friends, and even some of his enemies, are plunged into a race against time to find some way to get the Architects to back off once more. And this time, there’s a plot deep within Hugh, that threatens humanity as a whole from the inside. A plot initially uncovered by Hugh agent Havaer Mundy, an old antagonist of the Vulture God crew, who ends up being their ally for much of this book.There are a ton of plot twists and political intrigue and a pretty straightforward police investigation in all this. But, as usual, Tchaikovsky deftly brings all the concurrent plot threads together very neatly and tells a gripping story in the process. There are a lot of well-drawn characters. All the Vulture God crew, and several new characters get opportunities to shine and do important things to drive the plot. And you really care about them and the outcomes. Even characters who are irritating have clear motivations and do important things in the story.Humanity is at stake, but maybe even more than that, as Idris finds out as he uses Originator tech to stare into the void of Unspace and begins to see the pattern of the universe and possibly, the origin of the Architects.You probably should start with the first book in this series. But if you come in here, you’ll still get a thrilling tale and a really interesting take on spacefaring societies. The aliens are really alien in this. They don’t think or react like humans at all. And it makes it really interesting. And the whole idea of Unspace and how it’s used. Very original.This is what science fiction was invented to do. Show us a glimpse of something really different.
Enjoyed the book. Part drama part sci-fi. The only downside is the main character whining; yes he is a big man baby with lots of problems that get old quickly. But this is fun and interesting
Enjoyed book one a lot. Book two is terrible. I hate to say that. I’m one third into it and can’t go on. So sad.
Consistent with the first story in this series and yet it stands on its own. Very well paced and well written.
The middle of a trilogy is always the hardest, and with that in mind, this book is a solid and engaging continuation of the story. Looking forward to the conclusion.


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