Fake It For Money By Weston Parker

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Fake It For Money (A Faux Love Novel Book 2) By Weston Parker


Book/Novel Author: Weston Parker

Book/Novel Title: Fake It For Money



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She’s willing to fake it for money.Just my type of lady. But this isn’t just one night. I need twelve dates for a series of Christmas parties to promote my hotels. Being a forever bachelor means that I don’t have time for love or the games it plays. A fake date from an agency should solve my problems nicely.Not only is she stunning and everything I would choose if someone gave me a checklist, but she’s studying to become a surgeon. I’d gladly let her play doctor on me. *wink*But this job isn’t an easy one. I need the world to believe this girl is my soul mate. My billion-dollar resorts all rest on one thing—romance. So we gotta go in hot and heavy, like heaven and hell couldn’t separate the love between us. I’ve got the money if she’s got the skills. Now I just need to NOT fall in love. Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston
I really enjoyed Isabelle and Henry story. I felt bad for Henry 3⁄4 the way through this book. He was so clueless. Isabelle is really good for him. This book had a some laughs, some sweet moments and some steamy moments. I liked Nicholas as well. Good book, but didn’t have quite the draw other books by this author have had for me. Stand alone fake relationship romance. No cheating. The story is told from both main characters POV. We get HEA at the end.
Fake relationships are becoming my favorite genre. I enjoyed Henry and Lizzy’s story. Henry definitely grew on me. Lizzy was a great heroine. I enjoyed watching Lizzy broke down Henry’s walls. Overall Fake it For Money was a good read. I give it two thumbs up!!
Henry, the extremely rich guy and the Medical student make fireworks ! Isabelle was such a strong woman and just what Henry needed. The only thing I didn’t get was how understanding her parents were! I’m not that easygoing!! Lol
A quick read that is perfect for Christmastime! It has all the right ingredients: fake-to-real love, steamy chemistry, enjoyable characters, and a sweet HEA!
What a fantastic book this was! I absolutely loved Henry and Izzy. They made a perfect couple. I thoroughly enjoyed this cute story.
Wasn’t too keen at first, to read a romance book written by – ‘ What’s this? A Male Author? ‘ (Well, it does list a female coauthor; maybe a balance there.) Hmm. Cautiously requested a sample to read; as story blurb sounded interesting. Was glad I did! Read the complete book! Recommended read!


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